Machinery and equipment

  • Thanks to our continuous investments in innovation and our long lasting experience in textile industry, we are able to provide our customers with high quality textile printing along all value chain (since the development of serigraphy plates until the printing of the final product);
  • In addition to this, thanks to our consolidated  relationship with specialized player of the textile sector, we can provide a very high quality post-printing services (i.e., product packaging);
  • We leverage only on state-of-the-art technologies for the serigraphy printing on any type of fabric (natural/ artificial);
  • We are indeed able to realize both very high quality printings (through our digital ink-jet machines) and large quantity products in very short timeframe (through our rotary press machines);
  • We care about the environmental impact of our work, thus we ensure a full water purification process after our printing activities.
Rotary press printing
The rotary press methodology is based on the use of cylinders which print the desired design on a continuous cycle basis; through this methodology the fabric flows inside the machinery without stops.
This system is perfect for large quantity printings due to the possibility to achieve high process speed, until 60-70 meters per minute.
Serigraphy printing
The serigraphy printing is based on the use of printing plates which reproduce at regular intervals the desired design on the fabric; through this methodology the fabric stops below each printing plate to receive the desired “imprinting”.
This system is perfect to have full flexibility on the preferred size of the fabric.
Direct and indirect digital printing
Direct and indirect printing is based on the use of electronic techniques and processes through which the design is transmitted on the textile fabric or on paper (the latter used for indirect printing on fabric); through this methodology the ink jet is applied on the frame with a needle which draw and blend the color directly from dedicated ink reserves.
This system allows a very high quality of the printing with very short time for implementation (it does not need the preparation of printing cylinders or plates).
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